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This is my personal communications center, provided by ICQ.  If you see that I'm online, you can either page me through ICQ, or if you don't have ICQ, use the form below to send me a direct message through the ICQ server.  If I am online, I will receive the page immediately, however, I won't be able to respond unless you have ICQ.  If you are someone who is still (I can't believe there are that many of you out there) using AOL, be sure to put your screenname in the email address phield, as I can send you an instant message through AOL too.

If you don't have ICQ yet, click on the "What is ICQ" button, and download it.  It is the best way to keep up with your internet friends, or make new ones.

This should be self-explanatory, but if you can't figure out how to work it.....  TOO BAD.  Go buy a book, maybe "Internet for Dummies"!

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