scripting host type: aGNeS News Forum

checking administrative password ... ok!
checking name [Mark Cribbs] ... ok!
checking e-mail [] ... ok!
checking alias for valid length [Mecca] ... ok!
checking alias for valid syntax [Mecca] ... ok!
checking if alias already exists [Mecca] ... it does not, good!!
checking if file names are empty ... ok!
checking if URL is correct [] ... ok!
checking password [*****] ... ok!
checking header.html existence, this may take a while [] ... read 1638 bytes, good!
checking header.html content [] ... ok, found a valid aGNeS tag, assuming other files are okay!
HAL will be happy to add your new aGNeS forum, please be patient ...
adding contact definition:
# Mark Cribbs <>
adding equiv structure for contents:
creating structure directory [/mnt/western/home/dblock/cgi-bin/franco/data/agnes/mecca] ... executing [cp -R /mnt/western/home/dblock/cgi-bin/franco/data/agnes/template/* /mnt/western/home/dblock/cgi-bin/franco/data/agnes/mecca/] ... MeccaAgnes+Parent+,/mnt/western/home/dblock/cgi-bin/franco/data/agnes/mecca/++header.list
creating equiv structure for templates ... MeccaAgnesHTML++Search+Followup+PostNew+Article+Preview,

the url is:

Your new aGNeS (Arborescent Global News Elite System) BBS has just been created, use the url above to access it!

If you do not plan to use the forum, or you have made a mistake, please notify the administrator.

You should use this url to call the forum, use this address for links from your homepage, for forum maintaince, etc... This url is also called "command line" in the doc. Please do carefully read the aGNeS BBS documentation at

available in both english and french. Please do pay attention to the MV4 CGI Cache section at

the html pages you have created are cached on server side for mainly speed purposes, so even when your site is down, your aGNeS BBS works!

A common FAQ is why images are not shown when you add them to the forum, the answer is: do use full urls (http://.../images) instead of simply images/...). You will find an extensive FAQ about aGNeS at

aGNeS is a fully configurable forum, the doc describes all tags and options and how to use them in order to make the best forum in the world. There are hundreds of aGNeS News Forums out there and you're now part of the family. You have been included to the announcements list which is used to inform about changes in the script, new options and features.

Please remember that aGNeS is free for non commercial sites with non commercial content. You may buy or hire aGNeS from the author for local or remote use, please read the legal info at

As usual, all support and publicity warmly welcome, don't hesitate to promote aGNeS or other CGI scripts from Vestris. We shall continue to provide free CGIs as long as possible, that is as long as commercial companies buy our software. We shall also keep prices at the lowest rate possible and are also open for all suggestions for collaboration for quality products.



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