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Game Notes

Notch another win for the LawDawgs playing with 9.   Perhaps next game Corey, Scott, Case, Craig and the other new guy will join in for the fun.  Not really a pretty win, but the dawgs again proved that they can put a rally together under extreme duress.

An auspicious beginning indeed after moving up to league 4, with the score after 5 innings reaching the impressive 3-2.  There was plenty of hot play by the dawgs all across the field, however.  Pup and Big Jim were impressive on the left side of the infield, gunning down runners left and right.  Will "the thrill" was also impressive behind the plate, coaxing a Sandfly Bar & Grill player into an embarrasing run down at home.  The cat looked to be in mid-season form on the mound, and it was nice to see a little defense up the middle.  Kudos to the outfield as well, as Conaway ran at least a 10K in left field chasing down bloopers and Mike showcased the cannon.

The game ended up tied 5-5 after 7, and then Sandfly opened up the bats and scored 8 in the top of the 8th to go up 13-5.  How did the Dawgs resond in the first game of the season?  Only by sending 9 across the plate to win 14-13.  Franklin led off with a solid hit, and the rest of the team followed.   The big cat smoked a huge dinger to get within 2, and the team kept on hitting after that.  Cheers to Pup Rock for knocking in the winning run with a solid single up the middle.