a tradition of excellence


Game Notes

It wasn't the prettiest win ever, but it is a fine start. We started with 7, then Keever showed up as the first pitch was tossed and Studley graced us with his presence, in jeans, about 3 pitches into the game. That gave us 9, but the aforementioned Tardy Boys and Nancy Drew (aka Cory Hollis) did a fine job playing 3 across in the outfield. Nice catches (read: no drops), smart accurate throws and a nice diving stab by Cory were a big part of the win.

The sticks weren't completely silent, but we had trouble piecing together a real rally until it was tied 9 to 9 after 6. We responded with a 6 strong runs despite my slow ass getting thrown out at 2nd for the 2nd time in as many innings (FWIW - I was safe the second time). They got 3 in the bottom, but the Gruntin Wonder (fka Mark Cribbs) made a sweet play to end it (almost as sweet as Chris The Love Glove Thompson's stab and throw the inning before).

Speaking of the Gruntin Wonder, we saw a little of the pre-vacation and hitting sabattical Cribbs tonite and it was welcome relief. The New Kids on the Block Cory and Brandon added a couple of nice hits in their DAWG Debut and shaved about 3 minutes off the team's average 40 yard time over the Summer team in lieu of Tim "You Mean I am supposed to be able to hit AND catch?" O'Brien and The Big V John Vandenhoff (now if we could just get rid of that fatass Summerford). Don't laugh to hard Little Conaway, you ain't exactly swift.

Alright boys, like I said, not the best, but it is good to start with a Win with only a couple of makeshift practices and no pre-season tourney.

Our next game is THURSDAY NITE (9/28) at 6:15 agains Bowen Refrigeration aka The Old Farts who beat us once last year - well, it was either them or Cribbs acccording to who you ask. Big Alan, what do you say? Anyway, let's kick their asses b/c even though they are old and we can't steal and Cribbs' old man plays with them, I hate them. I would prefer to play with more than 9, so try to get everyone out there. DUDLEY - please remind Cory and Keith.

Editors Note:  (1) My dad isn't playing with Bowen this season.  (2) They have a bunch of young guys playing with them, and they are gunning for us.  (3) We will be able to steal against them.   And, (4), they are good.  They beat the crap out of the old Grainger Honda Team (read Savannah O&P now) 22-2 in four innings last night. - Webmaster Cribbs

If you haven't paid - bring $30 to the game. Keever spotted us all so let's pay him back sooner rather than later.

If you haven't kissed my ass, do so at your earliest convenience.

Carry on.