Team Bat Rack

Player Quotes:

"The Cat" Summerford "I prefer the gold EST. It offers me the kind of performance I require as the team leader. I know that everyone has their own opinion, but mine is right."
"Big" Conaway "It really doesn't matter what I hit with. I can hit a .44 core ball 300 feet with a piece of galvanized pipe. I hit with the blue EST, however, because I found a good deal on one."
"Killer" Mckeever "I just love the blue EST. I have hit with other bats, most recently the Carl Rose Supercell. But I hit it farther with the EST, and that's important when you're trying to impress your girlfriend when she comes to the game."
"Chillin" Cribbs "I know everyone talks about the EST's, but I prefer the Easton Connexion. I also hit with the Demarini Doublewall, but they just don't last. With my almost superhuman strength, I would go through a demarini every season. The Connexion offers more pop, and it lasts longer."
"Dudmann" New "I love the new Easton Connexion. The first game I used it, I got an in-the-parker by burning the outfielder, and then, in a fit of rage, I almost took the head off of someold pitcher. All other bats pale in comparison."
"Pup Rock" Thompson "Another vote for the Easton Connexion. I'm not sure if it's my own improvement of my swing or the effect of swinging the connexion, but since I've switched, I've been killing the ball. I have to give the Connexion at least some of the credit for my game winning drive to the wall which won the last tournament for the LawDawg Gray."