Net@ddress    This is the best web-based email out there, so go get your free account.

This site offers a free trial of their ad blocking and firewall protection software.  Highly recommended.


InfoUSA    This site offers free people and business searches.  It even has a reverse phone directory.  This is the most complete search site I've found for this type of thing.   This link takes you to the reverse directory, but you can get to the regular search page easily.




You've probably already got this, but if not, go get the RealPlayer G2.  It's free, and worth having.




You probably have this too, but it's also worth having, if you don't.  It is a streaming media application sort of like realplayer, but loads drivers directly into your browser.  It is used mainly for animations and sound.  You can also play games through your browser.  Go and get it!


ICQ    This is the best messaging and buddy list program out there.  It now has over 20 million users.   If you would like an example, check out my communication center for an example of a few of the things this program can do, by Clicking Here   



Have you been saved from Steve Case and AOL, but still want to instant message with your old AOL friends?  Well this is the program you need, AOL Instant Messenger.  And it's free.
Search    Yes, there are more search engines out there than you can shake a stick at (notice the cliche').  Go here to choose from 37 of the best ones out there.



MS Netmeeting is a great, free program.  It allows you to chat, teleconference or videoconference.   You can also collaborate in applications, meaning that people in different locations could work on the same presentation at the same time.  If you like this program,  Click Here   to go to a site that will help you learn how to use Netmeeting.

This free service will give you your own private fax number, and will forward any faxes you receive to your email account.  They even give you a free program to read the faxes and offer password protection.  This one is a must have!


If you have any links you think i should include here, Send them to me